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  • Member: Jake Furlong
  • Title: Azumanga Alert Daioh
  • Premiered: 2007-09-26
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    • Frank Klepacki Hell March 2
    • Frank Klepacki Score
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  • Comments: Well, this is it. My very first AMV. I've never done any editing in my life before and right now I can't shoop whoop even if you kill me... Unfortunately I was forced to use Photoshop a couple of times and I'm sure that the results would've been better if I had some experience under my belt. Also, I had to learn Premiere from scratch for this one and trust me - it was an experiment in frustration. Just a simple example: I found out that in order to get rid of the interlacing in the final render I had to disable "frame blend" from the clips (at least that was the case in my situation). Unfortunately Premiere enables this by default for each and every clip you place in the timeline and by the time I discovered this, the clips I laid were well over 200... I had to remove it from each, manually.
    I worked on the clip for about 5 days, with anything from 8 to 12 hours of editing each day. Hell, i spent an entire day to find a decent program to capture videogame footage and to edit it into the clip. No matter what they say, FRAPS blows when compared to Growler Guncam. This nifty program does an INFINITELY better job and you have tons of options and possibilities, at lower processing requirements. Also, the trial version allows full program functionality (which is far greater than any version of FRAPS) and lais no watermarks on the image, so I didn't have to spend cash on it to get the job done.
    Finally, having no experience in encoding as well as editing, I had to spend an entire day to experiment with various encoders and codecs. I finally decided on h264, since I got the best compression and quality. Just as an example - with XVid, at the best possible quality settings I got a file of approximately 180 MB. With h264 on the other hand I got a 38 MB file with far superior quality (almost as good as the uncompressed version)

    And there you have it. The rants of a noob and his first clip. Enjoy!

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