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  • Member: .:Darsch:.
  • Title: Should I Cry?
  • Premiered: 2003-03-10
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    • Kate Bush This Woman's Work
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    This AMV tells the story of Nausicaa and the way she fights for her life, for her people and for nature and animals. I've highlited expecially the feelings of Nausicaa's life; her love for the Ohmus, for the father and her straordinary spirit.

    I dedicate this AMV to my beloved girlfriend Sonia. Both anime and song are her favourite. One day I said to her "Well, give me the titles of your 10 favourite songs ever!". I choose the one I liked more. I think is perfect to make the viewer feel the spirit of this anime. ^_^

    I hope you'll like this video. :)

    - Software:

    - xMPEG 4.5: used for extract the various clips from my DVDs.
    - Cool Edit Pro 1.2: used for edit, normalize and hard limit the audio track.
    - Adobe Premiere 6.5: used for edit, synch, create effects, create titles, and so on. ^_^
    - Adobe Photoshop 6.0: used for create the initial "advise". :D
    - VirtualDUB 1.4.13: used for deinterlace, inverse telecine and compress the final uncompressed video.

    - Codec:

    In order to view my video you need DivX codec version 5.0.2 or later.
    To install PC version 5.0.2 download this file

    (3 Mb) extract and double-click the file "divx502.exe", then follow the installation instructions.

    - That's all:

    Please, take 2 minutes of your time to write an opinion to my AMV. Thank you. :)

    Enjoy! ^_^

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