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  • Member: Fall_Child42
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Hook Line & Syncher
  • Premiered: 2007-09-24
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    • Mr. Scruff Fish
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  • Comments: The Original Trout

    The original trout, possibly named Jerry, was created by Jesus of Never-land. Unable to keep it as a pet he was encouraged by his friends to feed it to poor people. The poor people flocked like sheep to where Jesus was supposedly giving out free food only to discover he had a fish named Jerry and a loaf of bread to share amongst the masses.

    Jesus had naturally assumed, like most would, that poor people only needed a small amount of food, a water bowl and a plastic exercise wheel. Naturally, the poor people beat Jesus up.
    The Modern Trout

    The modern trout has perfected it's ability to be eaten by someone. In fact, trout have made it their specialty to become caught on the end of a hook, and are second only to the dolphins at being caught in nets. All they have left to achieve is the ability to be:

    * Shot at by a crazed Redneck
    * Run over by a car
    * Politically Assassinated
    * Beaten several times in Iraq by American Soldiers.
    * Lick itself in random areas


    Answered exclusively by Larry the Trout...or maybe it was one of the other fish, hell, they all look alike
    Can Trout Speak

    Yes. Trout are excellent farters which is their primary speaking method. It is superior to the communications that humans and other mammals employ. Consequently, they will join with rock cod and tuna to lead an uprising of all sea creatures. BEWARE! humans. The fish that you werre once eating will flood the earth and consume your rotting corpses.
    How would Trout Effect Russian Government Policies?

    In more ways then less.
    Would Russia consider setting up trade agreements with Uncyclopedia?

    In Soviet Russia, trade agreements set up YOU!!

    What are the other uses of a trout?

    In the Netherlands, trouts are commonly used as sex toys.

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