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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Love/Hate
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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    • Three Days Grace I Hate Everything About You
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  • Comments: My fifteenth music video. (This is my stand-alone segment for the Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP.)

    For info about the sources, go to section one!
    For info about the video, go to section two!
    For info about the technical points, go to section three!
    If you don't really give a damn about any of that, download the video!

    Section 1 - Sources
    When I saw the Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP, I knew I had to join it. I'm too much of a fangirl to let that chance get away. However, I own very few anime, and I could only think of one that I had on hand that would work for this - Fruits Basket. Yuki and Kyou are my favorite pairing from that anime (and if you ever make a video for these two, skip over the entire third DVD when ripping - it's completely useless for clip-hunting), and I decided to take the obvious (ie: easy) route and use "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace. For the purposes of the project, I chopped the song short in a way that I believe is inaudible. I could be wrong. Maybe someone will hear the two cuts I made, but I can't hear them anymore, so I hope not. Sure, it's an overused song, and sure, it's overly obvious for these two, but I really just wanted to make a simple, strong video. So I ran with it, and this is what I came up with.

    Section 2 - The Video
    For the footage, this isn't the first time that I've worked with limited clips, but it's the first time I've tried to make serious video from them. This means that if a clip didn't fit a section, it was tough to find an alternate one to take its place without screwing up my clip selection further down the timeline. There aren't as many cuts in the video as I wanted, but I wasn't sure what to cut to half of the time (having basically no extra footage on hand to use), so sorry if this seems to flow a bit slowly. Overall, though, this was fun to make, and I didn't have too much stress pulling it off. Oh, and the only effects in the video are white/black fades, so I didn't feel like marking that section was really appropriate.

    Section 3 - Technical Points
    Finding the footage was actually the easy part. It's nice to work with people other than the main character (Tohru, in this case), because you know you're only looking for very specific clips. Yeah, it was still time-consuming, and cleaning up the footage took many hours (the dot crawl in Kyou's hair was murder to try and get out), but I like how the quality came out, so I'm not complaining. I decided to try a shiny new h.264/.mp4 encode for this video, and I'm happy with the results.

    Particular Points:
    - I removed some lip flap from the video, but not all, because I don't know how to do motion tracking in the programs I have available. Sorry if what I did looks bad. It's my first time trying to remove flap.
    - the intro bumper image took six hours to Photoshop. x_x You may not understand why just by looking at the result, but trust me - it was a long, arduous process.
    - the outro bumper image took two hours to Photoshop. Not as difficult, obviously, but still time-consuming. I'm also just slow with Photoshop, since I'm not well-versed in it.
    - "glitched footage" problem has been corrected in this video, since I now know the source of it. Hopefully it won't be an issue ever again.

    Again, encode is h.264, but Arigatomina is graciously hosting an XviD version that is a bit lower in quality, but it will play on nearly all PCs (as long as you have the right codec... you DO have the right codec, right...? ;p ).

    Time Spent: 30 hours (cleaning footage), 15 hours (editing)
    Sources/Programs Used:
    Fruits Basket DVD Boxset
    DVD Decrypter
    Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace
    Magix Movie Edit Pro 10
    Virtual Dub Mod


    Thanks to u_queen, who put this segment into the MEP (and who brought the lip flap and dot crawl to my attention). Thanks to the other folks on the MEP for their supportive comments.

    Hope you guys like this. ^_^

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - Jen

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