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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: Roy's Confession
  • Premiered: 2007-09-20
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    • Nickelback How You Remind Me
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    Ok, you've been warned. This was originally my segment for the Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP. I held off releasing it until the whole MEP was released, and added on the little beginning segment - hope you enjoy.

    This video reflects the most work I have ever done in photoshop for an AMV. Each one of the colored doijinshi scans was colored in photoshop WITH A MOUSE. I'd work for several hours then have to stop because my hand cramped so badly... all in all, the coloring took me a month. Then I had to superimpose Edward into the introduction, which meant cutting out Hughes, redrawing most of the background, then color correcting and masking Ed in.

    Other than that, yeah. Lip-sync was fun (I've pretty much gotten down now, I think) and the general story fit together rather nicely, I think. I've always been more of a Win/Ed shipper than Roy/Ed, but I do enjoy a good yaoi doujin, and there's something about that relationship that just screams "unrequited affections." :D

    Doujinshis used:
    Helios - Mao Hydran (Hydra)
    Watashi wa oniichan - Shijima Kiri (Valiant)
    Kago wa tori - Hoba Hideaki (Choba)

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