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  • Member: Knappster
  • Studio: MD-studios
  • Title: Iron man Kanchome
  • Premiered: 2007-08-05
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    • Reliant K More Than Useless
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  • Comments: Iron man kanchome (made before E.O.T.E)

    I have wanted to do a konjiki no gash bell amv ever since I started editing. And now I did to one of my favorite characters Kanchome. If you have watched the series you will know this song fits kanchome in every way possible. It just screams Kanchome when I hear it.

    So anyways pretty much just about how kanchome was always a loser in the demon world and in the beggining of the human world. He fights gash, who was once a loser too, but gash kicks his ass. So kanchome thinks if gash was able to become strong so can hekanchome looses his book owner folgore, and kanchome joins a circus since he looks like a duck. He then sucks at it so anyways he meets a little girl and they become like brother and sister. Another demon takes the little girls sheep (there precoius to her i guess) and Kanchome sets off with Folgore his book owner. They end up getting stronger and defeating the other demon. Kanchome the battles along side gash and others and kanchome even clearly states in the anime that hes a little more than useless.

    So instead of getting kev to do all the encoding and stuff I'm just uploading it as an xvid. as you can see its wide screen so I hope that doesn't annoy you.

    sony vegas 6

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