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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: Love is More Powerful than Death
  • Premiered: 2007-09-17
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    • Lamb Gorecki
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  • Comments: I actually finished this video, as it is now, back in July. I'd been wanting to make it ever since I saw the second Winter Cicada OVA but I waited until the third came out in June. I had very high expectations for this AMV, it was really cool in my head. I don't feel like I created what I wanted to, but after sitting on it for two months, brainstorming, I've realized that this is as complete as it's going to get. I still like it and all, but I guess that the original concept was better on my brain than in reality. ^^;;

    The story of Winter Cicada is basically a Romeo and Juliet one. Only in historical Japan and gay. There's only like 30 seconds of Haru wo Daiteta and if I tell you how it's used it spoils the concept. So anyways, this IS a Winter Cicada video, not a HWD one. It's not porny, despite there being porniness in the OVAs. It's mostly romantic, dramatic, with some action thrown in (the music randomly picks up at around 00:02:30). It's got a plot and point, something my vids don't usually have, so that's a step up, right? XD

    So there's some men kissing and cuddling, but nothing too bad. But still, it's YAOI romance so if that squicks you then you should probably avoid this AMV. There's also some violence/blood shed. So be warned.

    Anywho, if you watch it then I really hope that you like it! All comments (except excessively rude ones) are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for watching.

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