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  • Member: Gizmo85
  • Studio: Raylight
  • Title: 10 nackte Friseusen (10 nacked female hairdresser)
  • Premiered: 2007-09-08
  • Category:
    • Comedy
  • Song:
    • Mickie Krause 10 nackte Friseusen (10 naked female hairdresser)
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Connichi 2007, Connichi 2007 AMV Contest X³ (2007-09-08)
  • Comments: Connichi Exclusive AMV Contest 2007

    Best Comedy AMV

    This AMV is about Kimura-sensei, a teacher from Azumanga Daioh
    who wants to get ten naked female hairdresser. This song was from
    Mickie Krause a German Entertainer. It was seriously my first
    AMV for a Contest. I’dont visualised to won the Contest as the
    Best Comedy AMV then it was one of my first AMVs who I've ever made.
    But I had great fortune then I was the only one who had made a Comedy AMV for the Exclusive Contest.
    I had no Competition for the Comedy area so I've won without a struggle!

    The Text of this AMV ist Complete in german it is better you understand German

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