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  • Member: Hibiku
  • Title: Maybe this time, Faye
  • Premiered: 2007-09-12
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    • Cabaret Maybe this time
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  • Comments: A tribute to Faye Valentine.
    Faye is quite a complicated character. She may seem annoying with her stubborn and self-centred attitude, but personally I admire the way she fights to overcome occassional weakness and stay strong and independent. However, she is just a women with her hopes and fears, so she doesn't always make it to deal with melancholy. Counting only on herself, longing for an own place in the universe, she remains alone even if, after all, she'd like to create friendly relationships with other bounty hunters. On top of that, she gets more and more concerned with Spike, who's not at least interested, so Faye ends up comparing herself with graceful Julia. She isn't the lucky one, is she? But she isn't the one to give up either. That's the other side of Faye's personality I wanted to show.

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