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  • Member: Can O Quince
  • Title: What's So Good About Goodbye?
  • Premiered: 2007-09-10
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  • Song:
    • Dashboard Confessional Stolen
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  • Comments: ohh geez, i can see the quick comments now:

    LIK OMGWTFBBQVCR CAN O QUINCIE LIK EVR1 ELS HAS ALREDY MAD AN AMV LIK THIS~~!!!1111!!! D8< b^%$s8terboi#$%n00b8i72haxx3r36uygduckqkwag!!!!

    ever since i heard this song, like every other kingdom hearts fan in the world, i decided to make an amv with it. well, i never like going along with them, but this song really touched me.
    to be brutally honest, i hate Kairi. but i'm not here to bash anyone. i'm just here to do what i want. if you have a problem with it, dont watch it, cause i hate worthless complains :'D

    special thanks to Blitz-kun for getting me up off my lazy ass

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