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  • Members: sweetdeily, Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: The Dragon's Card
  • Premiered: 2007-09-02
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    • AFI Prelude 12/21
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    Sweetdeily says: So there I was, cruising my yahoo groups when I come across the entries for an amv contest one of the ygo yaoi groups I'm in was hosting. I watched them and was horrendously appalled. ^^; don't know why I expected better, but being around Aut has turned me elist on amv's too. o.o; Anyway, so I was planning to enter on my own when Danielle asked me what I was doing- hint to everyone- mention the word competition and she's right there. -_-;
    So Aut did most of this- she picked a lot of good scenes since she hasn't ever seen it, and ignore her when she says it's crap-- this is probably the best YGO amv I've ever seen.... not that that's saying much.
    In the end I didn't make much of this- she's a bit of a monster when there's a deadline and I'm not looking forward to manifest's iron-chef. *runs while she can* I did the credits, some masking, and a bit of scene selection.
    Note: the source for the footage was a china town rip as when I bought the series it wasn't licenced in Australia so there's a watermark at 1 point and the quality is not as good as a straight DVD rip (butAut did the cleaning on this one so it looks really good)

    Anyway, Autraya's say: x_X well wasn't this a bit of self flagellation. This was probably the worst amv I've ever made and I picked as many standard AE backgrounds as i could fit in to make this crummy piece of shit ... I'm very embarressed by this amv and that I failed to incorporate the 1 request I had which was to add a starwipe (I'm sorry minion I'll try harder next time, please don't bite me with your viscous teeth ;) Kristy gave me like 5 days to edit this and some of us work for a living, some fucking collab I ended up doing most of it, also there are much much better amvs to this songgo download them instead.

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