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  • Member: Revbudadude
  • Title: Playboy Ayamaro
  • Premiered: 2007-08-28
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    • American Hi Fi Flavor of the Week
    • Yello Oh Yeah
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  • Comments: this is my hoomage to fullmettal senpai and his vid playboy saousuke or whatever.


    only this time sousuke dumps the girl and goes for AYAMARO. ayamaro on the other had has just dumped mnazo and hooked up!

    enjoy! ayamaro 4!!!!

    I'd like to bring attention to a little N00b:

    # 2007-08-30 16:51:02haven't seen a shit like that for a while. good way for being a ripoffer bitch. LOSER! -1/5

    I like how N00bs can't even read the fact that it's not a "ripoff" as I even said it in comments and provided a link to the original.

    Helps if you read next time, moronic N00b.
    Feel free to laugh because we know it won't ever see it, being unable to read and all.

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