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  • Member: competitionbros
  • Title: Ware ga Kaminari-D.A.
  • Premiered: 2007-08-28
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    • Masterplan crimson rider
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  • Comments: First off: I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOU DON'T LIKE ONE PIECE; We know, we know, nobody does.

    Second: do not compare this to sail on

    Now for the description, this is my first one piece amv and I'll be happy to explain anything you have. Questions about.....ok the story of skypeia; the crew went into the sky searching for gold.They find a holy ground they are not supposed to go on and of course they go there. They find "gods" enforcers, they beat them and meet a man with the power of lightning who calls himself god.Luffy fights him and totally rapes him; hmmmm I guess that the most important parts. Oh the numbers, Enel (god) said that there were 81 fighters on the island and at the end of 3 hours there would be 5 left. The title; Enel said it means "I am god/lightning"

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