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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Playboy Sousuke
  • Premiered: 2007-08-27
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    • American Hi Fi Flavor Of The Weak
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  • Comments: This amv took the life out of me.Not because it was difficult to make but because I hadn't decided what its theme would be when I started editing it.Upon hearing the song,I thought some of the lyrics matched several scenes in FMP-TSR and so I decided to make an amv to it but using an alternative story of the events.I began editing in May 2007 and finished 4 days ago.Yeah,it took me a bit long because I was indecisive on certain scenes and because I had exams during July and holidays during August.

    Anyway,with this amv,I'm distorting a bit the original theme of the series making Sousuke look like a jackass.The story of this vid goes like this:
    Sousuke is a soldier piloting a white mecha.In his personal life,he has Chidori as a girlfriend but he isn't very loyal to her.After a fight,he abandons her and goes off to find another chick.In the meantime,Chidori is being targeted by a vicious woman.While away,Sousuke finds a chinese chick who looks exactly like Chidori and begins to date her while he's also starting to have some doubts about his decision to leave Chidori.Back in Japan,Chidori is left all alone without Sousuke and is trying to deal with both the pain of being abandoned and the fear of that woman.The rest on the video...
    Tessa also gets some screen time as Sousuke's ex-girlfriend.^^

    Anyway,I hope that I managed to bring out a believable story,whether you have watched the FMP-TSR or not.I know very well that Sousuke's facial expressions really don't help at creating the playboy mood at this video and so forgive me for this.
    However,I'm quite pleased with how this amv turned out and hope you all enjoy it.It's a mix of both lyric and mood synch and the events follow a chronological order.I tried to follow the lyrics as much as I could but since it's a different story,some points couldn't have been according to the lyrics.
    One last thing:The scene after the credits was a request by a friend of mine so if you don't like it,just bear with it!!!^^

    Programs Used
    Vegas 6.0
    Photoshop(Nighteyes-gr did the job with it)

    Special Thanks
    Nighteyes-gr for his Photoshop work
    jade_eyed_angel,Senshimamoru,Niwa-kun,viper1255 for early beta-testing
    Niwa-kun,Greggus1,Beast Spear for final beta-testing
    ScorpionP and SF_Phoenix for help with mp4 encoding
    ScorpionP again for sticking together when the mp4 encoding went bad and I had no idea how to fix it
    Rapture** for giving me a fixed version of Zarx264gui that helped me fix the problem I had
    kadaj665 for trying to help me with my mp4 encoding(sorry man but I didn't see your journal)
    The org for the AMVApp beta 3 and the guides

    This is also my first try at lip-synching but I didn't check the box since it's only in 2 scenes.Finally,I decided to upload the mp4 version of the vid due to its lesser size.If people demand it,I'm gonna also upload with direct link an xvid version of it.

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