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  • Member: Perfect Chaos
  • Title: BAGI -part 1 Cold Night
  • Premiered: 2003-03-06
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    • Avril Lavigne I'm With You
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    When I finished watching the rare Bagi Movie, I knew I had to capture the emotional feelings from it into a music video. Suprisingly, this one only took me about 2 hours to do, but it came out so well anyway. The song really fits with the movie. and I plan to make more Bagi musicvideos to explain the rest of the story.

    The movie was made by Osamu Tezuka, responsible for the most famous old mangas and animes like Astroboy, kikaider, unico, and so on.

    I'm aware that people don't like this Avril singer much, but deal with it... her lyrics fit more than perfect for the story, and it sets the perfect mood.

    This Video explains the begining of the movie.
    The first scene may be hard to understand for someone who hasn't watched
    the movie. That person in the desert is Ryo in the future, and for
    reasons the viewer is not supossed to know yet, his mission is to find and
    kill a certain monster. The video shows a biker gang driving after a woman
    with a hood covering her face from the light. When she decides to stop
    running, the bikers pull over and one of them grabs her arm. A mask falls
    from her face. The biker who is holding her is shocked, then suddenly she
    viciously attacks all of the bikers one by one. When it's the last bikers
    turn to be attacked, the creature gives him (Ryo) a good long look, then
    runs away.

    The next night the gang seeks revenge on the monster, but they
    were all brutailly attacked again. Ryo is once again faced by the monster
    and sees her more clearly. He was frightened and confused so he ran away
    on his bike.

    After getting back home, he goes to his room to clear his mind. All of a
    sudden, the monster enters through Ryo's open window. Ryo is alarmed, yet
    the cat monster is acting friendly towards him, so he's not as scared as
    he was before. The cat girl explains that she has been looking
    all over for him and that she's been very loney. She claims to know
    Ryo, but Ryo can't seem to remember who she is. She says that her name is
    Bagi. Ryo remembers that he used to have a pet cat a long time ago. She
    explains that long ago she belonged to him. They loved eachother very much
    then, but Ryo's parents were afraid of how smart Bagi was becoming.
    Through fear they forced Bagi out into the wild.

    Would love an opinion ;)

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