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  • Member: yoshi1001
  • Title: Hungry for More
  • Premiered: 2007-08-12
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    • INXS Hungry
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  • Comments: When I first heard this song in 2005, I noticed how easily it could be made into a Pokemon amv almost immediately. I wanted to have that come to fruition, so I made this video. Here are a few notes:

    -Team Rocket is completely absent from this video. I felt they got in the way of the message.
    -If you look closely, you can see Tracey in a shot right before the instrumental break. He may have a better part in this video than he had in Pokemon the Movie 2000.
    -I added the subplot of Phanphy's egg after deciding I needed something to string the whole video together.
    -Normally, "Hungry" proceeds gaplessly into "Never Let You Go". I had to edit out the last few seconds of the track and do a quick fade out to complete the video.

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