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  • Member: taigafaeri
  • Studio: PixieDust Productions
  • Title: Chronicles of Escaflowne
  • Premiered: 2007-08-16
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    • Trailer Chronicles of Narnia
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  • Comments: So after I had listened to the trailer for Chronicles of NArnia for about the millionth time an Idea for what to do with it finally came. Which is goood becaus eI had this horrible urge to make something with it...

    The basics of the plot I attempted to emphasize is, The three main characters from Escaflowne the Movie and, a sort of haunting call of Destiny. Three Souls, Two Worlds, One Destiny.

    I also just wanted to see if my current progression of ability in amv making wasn't a fluke, So I tried to make a really solid video without going too crazy on effects...and yet still using them like crazy...err...well I just had a LOT of fun making this one. I also haven't gotten sick of it myself yet, and that's always a goal of mine: to make stuff I don't get sick of after editing it for hours and then replaying it for each family member and friend a zillion times...if I like it after all that, its a good sign its not to shabby an amv. ^_^

    That and I really wanted to make another trailer after having done so well with 'Amazing Anime', but I couldn't wait for the next AD, but I was also short on time so it had to be a quicky.

    All in all, I like it, I experimented a bit with the text, so let me know what you think, wether it should be simpler, stationary...or more wild...whatever you think is a lot of help. ^_^


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