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  • Member: glamgurl3888
  • Studio: Angel Wings Productions
  • Title: Ready to Be
  • Premiered: 2007-08-14
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  • Song:
    • Boys like Girls let go
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  • Comments: This is a CCS vid that focuses in on Sakura to the song let go covered by boys like girls. This is explores all of Sakura's insecurities becoming a cardcaptor and mistress of the cards. During the course of the vid she learns to "let go" of her insecurities because she's "ready to be" whatever it is she needs to do and she knows that even if things look bad everything will be alright.

    EDIT: It seems people have been coming down pretty hard this particular amv so I wanted people to understand a few things. I edit videos according to the feel of the music, if a song has funky beats to it my editing reflect that in incorporating new and different affects with overlays or masks and the like. For this particular video the feel of the music was simple and sweet so I wanted to keep the music video simple and sweet. Effects-wise it isn't anything like Out of the Element or Great times and Precious Memories, but in spite of all of that I still try to incorporate some effects I was just a little more conservative this time around. So if you thought the video was plain or anything like that please try and understand what I was trying to accomplish. As for the video itself the clips I chose were not random. Please read what I wrote above about the story I wanted to portray. With that in mind I tried to portray that story in the video with the clips, so when you're watching really look and the clips and really listen to the lyrics and then I think you'll see. The scene from the second movie wasn't just there for show when the lyrics say "hand me that remote can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow." it's referring to how the sakura in the movie that tomoyo and kero is watching isn't the real sakura (the one they should be watching), the real sakura is the one sitting next to them who is dealing with her duties as the new master. Certain stuff like that is going through my head when I put these videos together, so never think that I'm just putting things together at random unless I admit that that was actually the case.

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