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  • Member: Katrina
  • Studio: Katrina's Forest
  • Title: Pride Vs. The Cows
  • Premiered: 2007-07-20
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  • Song:
    • Dana Lyons Cows With Guns
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  • Comments: I talked about making this AMV for about three years, and put the bulk of it together in three days. By the time I finally started making it, I think I had the scene I wanted for each line memorized in my head. I also feel I made the most last-second entry in the whole contest, finishing my upload 15 minutes before the deadline ended. My reason for rushing so much was that I really want to take a break from AMV-making for a while. But one thing I never did was get into Otakon. Out of all the AMV ideas I had, "Pride Vs. The Cows" seemed the mostly likely to get in and the most fun to do. So here you go.

    Pride Vs. The Cows took 3rd place in the Humorous Category at Otakon 2007. Yea!

    Believe it or not, the real song is actually longer than this. Almost four minutes of cows was my limit, so some lines were cut. Interestingly enough, I also had a lot of extra cow footage that went unused. Really, there's lots of these bovines in anime once you're actually looking for them! (Of course, my friends all thought I was nuts because as soon as a cow showed up in any anime, I would point and yell, "Cow!" and immediately demand to borrow the DVD.)

    A few thank you's:
    Gabriel's Cels for the awesome use of the Battle Athletes cel images:
    B00omshakalaka for the screenshot of the "WcDonald's."

    The local version contains a few changes from the version shown at Otakon:
    *Added a small bumper
    *Turned up the brightness on some dark clips
    *Changed the "McDonald's" sign to the "WcDonald's" sign from Inuyasha. (he-he)
    *Shut Naru's mouth in the opening scene.
    *Fixed Kris in the Cowboy Bebop scene. (She was floating over the cow, not behind it.)

    If anyone really wants the version shown at Otakon, that's the direct link. It's slightly lower quality, but not by too much. I like the touched-up version better.

    A final note the Otakon contest was a blast this year if you're downloading this, go check out the other entries as well.

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