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  • Member: bluetrain
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Recollections
  • Premiered: 2007-07-27
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  • Song:
    • Snow Patrol Open Your Eyes
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  • Comments: Quick Intro:

    +Creator: BlueTrain
    +Studio: AMVience Studios
    +Music: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
    +Anime: Air: TV & Air: Movie
    +Total Length: 5:36
    +Actual Length: 4:17
    +Codec Used: H.264
    +Includes Intros/Outros
    +Made for my girlfriend Anna
    +This AMV is VERY VERY High Quality [Region 2] (For this reason i had trouble with compression)
    +Screened at Manifest 2006
    +Runner Up "Best Of Show"
    +Made in about 5-6 months
    +Made with Adobe After Effects 7.0
    +This AMV was made BEFORE Snow Patrol grew so popular - i am NOT junmping on the bandwagon!
    +The video is in h.264 (mp4) - you'll need either the Combined Community Codec Pack or the VLC player to play it.
    *** Due to the compression problems i've had with the video i can't guarantee an XVID release - so hopefully your computer can support h.264.

    Enjoy the video! (Read on for greater detail)

    Long Intro:

    Well Here it is finally.


    The video that has beem completed for an awful long time. But i haven't been bothered to release it...

    IF YOU ASK ME: I think this video is WAY better than Snow Patrol's actual MV for the song! WAY BETTER!
    MM... This does "technically" have a bad ending. And it does contain spoiler of Air:The Movie. But its not intended to focus on the actual happenings of the story in a chronological sense. But instead its designed to reflect on the 'niceness' life the two shared. The good bits, the bad bits, the bits. As one might on an anniversary. So its a nice little reflection (recollection) on our lovely relationship --- except obviously Anna never died... But this is where i'm forced to adapt and bring in the story of Air. Overall this is just a pretty sentimental video dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend.

    Participation & Awards:
    Yes, this video did screen in the Manifest 2006 AMV Competition.
    It finished runner up to Lockstock's "Echoes of Dawn"
    No, i don't know why i can't tick the box that says "Competed in Manifest 2006 AMV Competition" - for some reason there is no box. You'll just have to take my word for it.

    This AMV is dedicated to my girlfriend Anna. I made this AMV for the 1 year anniversary of our relationship. She likes it a lot and i'm really glad coz i put a lot of effort into this video and i really wanted to keep it very sentimentally focussed and not "overedit" - as apparently i have the tendancy to do.

    But don't get me wrong, this video is full of effects. In fact you won't see an unaltered scene until 2:58! But most of the effects during the main build up are very subtle so it might as well be effects-free. I think this video is very interesting because, although the entire music video is an enormous crescendo, its not until the final stages you get unaltered scenes. Most AMVs would tend to build into an FX-Frenzy, i think this is one of the most original elements to the music video.

    Time Consumed:
    I spent about 6 months creating this AMV. A lot of the work that went into it won't show in the final output. I trialled many possible outcomes and scene-selections - including editting using the ENTIRE song... But there simply weren't enough scenes in the movie that i found to be appropriate and i was forced to cut out the 2nd verse and the 1st chorus of the song... That made me a little disappointed but i still think the video worked out better because of the hard decisions i was forced to make. So no, this will not travel the course of 5:41 and is instead 4:17 - Yes i understand that is a significant cut. But believe it or not there is one other hidden cut within the AMV, see if you can find out where it is!

    Again, this song is one of my all-time favourites. And more importantly its the song Anna & I chose to be "our" song... so there's a little more sentimental value for myself and her entrenched in this video. "Open Your Eyes" in my opinion is still Snow Patrol's best, although i'm a also a big fan of "Run", "Chasing Cars", "Signal Fire" and "Make This Go On Forever"... Its really quite a shame Snow Patrol has grown so popular, i think. It doesn't make your "Special" song as good when you hear it on the radio a few times a week - and it doesn't help your AMV if everyone gets sick of the song. But i'm hoping that if you are sick of this song you will still give the AMV a chance. I still love Snow Patrol and i still love this song, i don't think that will ever change. Just know that i began working on this AMV, and already had the album, before this song was played during the advertisements for (that terrible show) "The OC"... And if you haven't already read "This song has been editted" and is NOT the full song. I hope you enjoy it.

    The Dual Layer R2 was the first Region 2 i've ever come across. And i'm very happy to have been able to work with its SUPERIOR quality! Oh it was bliss... and also slightly taxing on my old computer. But this is by far the BEST quality video i've ever made - if not the BEST video i've ever made. 'Air: The Movie' looks spectacular - and not many people are going to argue with that. But apart from that i enjoyed both the movie and the series. When the R2 fell into my possession i was just forced to make the plunge into AMV territory again.
    But all this quality came at a cost...
    I've never been very good with encoding, right from the beginning - but this was something else. I couldn't get it close to good quality under 100mb. I ended up making a 350mb Divx which looked almost as good as the Huffy and sending it to the AMVience crew for help.
    I had previously tried some experimentation with H.264 but i never had any real success.
    i think i made a fairly good quality 170mb mp4..?
    I ended up getting quite close using some FLVs???? At about 120mb.
    But thankfully InfinitySquared saved the day and created this very Beautiful mp4 at around 69mb!
    An Extra-Big thank you to him!

    -Intro: Snow Patrol - Signal Fire
    -Outro: Snow Patrol - Warmer Climate
    -Background made with Trapcode particular.

    +Made with Adobe After Effects 7.0
    +This was the LAST AMV made on my old system which has almost been completely replaced now (all but the screen)
    -1gb DDR RAM
    -256MB gfx
    -19inch Viewsonic
    -200gb IDE
    -320gb SATA
    -250gb External IDE

    But now the new system is much better and i'm currently working on a new Mep "Project FMV"

    Thank Yous:
    +InfinitySquared! - For all your help encoding and ftping etc! You Legend!
    +Anna (My Girlfriend) - For being the greatest girl a guy could ever want!
    +Purge & Lockstock - For just general help that has indirectly helped enhance this AMV!
    +The rest of the AMVience crew and forum members for ALL their help and support!
    +Most importantly YOU, for *hopefully* downloading my AMV!


    I hope you enjoy Recollections

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