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  • Member: cool man!
  • Studio: Eternal Genesis Productions
  • Title: The Challenger
  • Premiered: 2007-07-27
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  • Song:
    • Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane
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  • Comments: I had abandoned most of my school works to complete this AMV, so I just spent one month. I have the idea for thisAMV since I watched Bleach. My laziness and problems of my computer make me decided filter with VitualDubMod filter,as everybody knows, VirtualDubMod filter sucks XD, so forgive me for the poor quality.

    This AMV is about Ichigo is giong to Soul Society to save Rukia. In order to save Rukia, he had to challenge all the Shinigami who get in his way. As a challenger, Ichigo had won over all of the Shinigami who get in his way.

    The programs that I used for this AMV:
    - Sony Vegas 6.0
    - VirtualDubMod

    The persons who I want to thank:
    - Lok
    - AGF-Antoine
    Both of them had given me many advices and moral supports.

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