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  • Member: Tri-kun
  • Studio: Eternal Genesis Productions
  • Title: Haruhi Suzumiya - I've Got Nerve
  • Premiered: 2007-06-09
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    • Miley Cyrus I've Got Nerve
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  • Comments: This is my 6th AMV and alot of work for me. I've already heard some nasty things about it like "Not Really Great" or "Skittles Wanna Be" (I admit that it is kinda a Skittles Wanna Be and that I wouldnt mind being able to produce something like Skittles xD) even so i worked hard and hope that it will gain more than just "Skittles Wanna Be". This AMV was Actually Planned for Decemberish but Something Occured that made me want to do it earlier. I know that some parts look funny but that's because i decided to take snapshots in Vegas (which really wasn't smart :P) I went back and replaced some of them but i didn't get all of them (lazyness) First time Atempting Filtering using Avisynth i'm not so sure if i did it right tho. Anyways This is a Haruhi Profile and it's also a gift to my friend who's a huge Haruhi Fan like Myself and has a strangely similar personally, i'm giving this to her because she'll be moving away soon and i thought ishould try something different.
    So Please tell me what you think for i know this is far from perfect

    Btw I know I'm bad with Puns (watch the AMV)

    AGF-Antoine- Opinions and Help finding the Eps
    Lok- For Feedback, and Creation of Control Which pushed me Forward
    Omega- For Feedback, and Creation of Souls Of the Night Which also pushed me forward
    Intelligent Huan- For Feedback,and Helpful inquiry

    ---Programs Used---
    Vegas 6.0d- General Video Editing
    Avisynth- (atempted) Filtering
    VirtualDubMod- Snapshoting, and Compression
    Gimp 2.2- Removing Background

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