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  • Member: Junipertay
  • Studio: One-Winged Angel Productions
  • Title: Sesshoumaru Champloo
  • Premiered: 2007-07-21
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    • Muse Assassin
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    Okay! Yes, so obviously I'm a pretty big fan of Sesshoumaru. At least, I hope you get that feeling from this video...if not, um, I've done something wrong. :)

    This whole concept popped into my head about a year and a half ago. Right around the time I finished making "Seven May Cry," I had some of my friends critique it for me. They're anime fans as well as professional video editors/directors. I said, "What can I do to make a better video?" and they promptly replied, "Try to have it tell a story."

    "Seven May Cry" was my first vid and really, it's not much more than a fangirly light show of "Oh Wow, I Love FF7!" I wanted to do something a bit more challenging this time around. So, I decided to take their advice and try my best at creating an actual "story" with my vid.

    Now, the greatest and most creative "storytelling" I've seen has been from crossover videos. One of the first great crossover vids I ever saw was the classic "Tainted Donuts," and while I knew I couldn't make something that fantastic, I was still going to try and do something fun and true-to-character with whatever series I chose.

    I started thinking about Inuyasha and Samurai Champloo as being a good match. Particularly since they both take place in Feudal Japan, with plenty of night/woods scenes. Of course, there would need to be drama, and what better drama than to have Rin go missing and Sesshoumaru to mistakenly believe she was kidnapped by Jin and Mugen?

    I chose to do the vid to "Assassin" because I'm a huge fan of Muse and that song really gets my blood pumping. The fast beat was great, and I thought the
    lyrics worked well too.

    Technical Notes:
    Oh wow. Crossovers are HARD. Who knew? :p
    About two weeks into the vid, I realized what a mess I was in. I took me about a week straight to rip all the DVDs; there were 5 or 6 for Samurai Champloo, and somewhere around 12 for Inuyasha. I snipped and clipped and hoped I was getting scenes that would match up. My technical capabilities are, um, highly limited. I have the earliest, most UNSTABLE version of Premiere ever, and Photoshop 7. I'd have loved to do some serious cutout/masking work, but I knew I would do better to try and cleverly edit the video without it. As it was, Premiere still crashed on me about 6 times, two of which were serious, and if I hadn't been saving a file to my backup harddrive each night, I'd have been in trouble.

    Once I started matching the clips and actually editing, I had to alter the color/saturation and brightness/contrast of every clip. Samurai Champloo uses a lot of dark, neutral colors, which clashed mightily with Inuyasha's brighter, more "cartoony" palette. And of course even though I tried to be careful and edit for a smooth, consistent look, there were a ton of mess-ups. But I'm not gonna tell you what they are! Mwahaha!

    In the future, I'd love to do a more artistic crossover video with better editing and much, much better masking/cutouts, but overall I'm pleased with how this turned out, and I'm really happy that so many people at Otakon liked it! Thanks, everyone. Enjoy! :)

    Winner of Best Action, Otakon 2007
    Fan Favorite, Otakon 2007

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