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  • Member: Poetic_Kaos
  • Title: Some Sorta Twisted Love
  • Premiered: 2007-07-19
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  • Song:
    • The Flashbulb Passage_D
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  • Comments: This video contains spoilers, moderate gore (limited considered an Elfen Lied video), and a lot of effects. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HATE ANY OF THE ABOVE, ESPECIALLY THE EFFECTS.

    Well, where to begin?

    This is my first video in more than 2 and a half years. I have worked on a few MEPs and personal projects since my last official release. But the MEPs have all been cancelled and my personal projects have all been killed along with whatever hardware that contained them. So this video will appear to be a rather large jump in skill in comparison with any other project I’ve released.

    It is also the first video I have released since joining 12 Illusion Studios. So why not start off with what I think is a high note =].

    The plot:

    Basically the video follows the relationship between Kohta and Lucy. And how through all the tragedy there is still “Some Sorta Twisted Love” between them. I found it hard to maintain the integrity of the story line given the number of effects employed throughout the video. On top of that I had only 2min to tell the major issues in Kohta’s and Lucy’s relationship. In the end the story is somewhat masked by all the effects in the video. It is still there you just have to look a little harder than normal =). If I were to delete all the effects and keep the same video it will still be well edited in my opinion. But hey maybe it will add to the replay value.

    The effects:

    I got this song about a year or so ago from Requiett. Listening to the complexity of the song and shear pace of the beat. I knew a regular 1-layer video would not do the song justice. So I created a video wall as the main effect in order to try to synch more of the song. In addition, a 3 dimensional background was added. So the number of layers in play in this video ranges from 4 to around 800 (excluding bumpers). However, most of the time there are about 150 layers on screen. As a result, this is the most complicate project I’ve ever done. There are more effect keyframes in the video then there are frames. When the video was done I was really happy that the song was only 2 min long any longer would have been a nightmare.

    Special thanks to:
    The beta testers, below are the only people I could trick into critiquing the beta.


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