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  • Member: LittleAtari
  • Title: Prelude to Sasuke's Midnight: Bonds
  • Premiered: 2007-07-19
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    • Linkin Park Opening
    • rihanna Umbrella
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  • Comments: Project commentary:
    Currently, I'm working on a project called "To Sasuke's Midnight". It is meant to convey Sasuke's downfall and what lead to it in the Naruto series. Also, it will convey Naruto and Sakura's point of view. The song line up is as follows:
    Umbrella by Rihanna : Prelude - Bonds (complete)
    In The End & What I've Done by Linkin Park : Redemption
    Angels by Within Temptation & Realize by Nami Tamaki : Titled Pending
    Memorial Address by Ayumi Hamasaki : Title Pending
    Pieces and The Little Things You Give Away by Linkin Park : Finale of Friendship
    How To Save a Life by the Fray : Epilogue

    Video Commentary:
    This vid is titled, "Bonds". It is the prelude to the series. It's meant to convey the bond between Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. The opening song is the opening to the Reanimation Album by Linkin Park. The song is Umbrella by Rhianna. When I first heard this song, I took it as a friendship song more than a love song. This vid is not a pairing video.

    I liked how this turned out. Although it was really annoying to make, I managed to push myself through it and finish it well. This video is meant to convey the connection between Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. I got the title from the many times I've heard in the Naruto series that Sasuke wishes to break these Bonds that he hold with Naruto, Sakura, and the rest of Konoha. So I thought it was the best title for it. Everything in this vid is pretty much self explanatory. It's obvious that in every battle, they have all been there for each other. This actually makes the vid a little sad when you think of how it fell apart when Sasuke left. When I make AMVs, I wear headphones to hear the sound best. If you listen closely, you can hear a type of violin (it's more obvious when your not listening to it from youtube). Violins tend to remind me of sadness, sometimes. So I found myself focusing a lot on the background violins and thinking of how Sasuke left. I ask you to focus on this when you watch it, too. I guarantee that it'll make you feel different about the AMV. One Thing that isn't so obvious in the AMV is that when Rihanna says, "In the dark, you cant see shiny cars" I show a close up of the Uchiha fan to represent a parallel between the worldly things people get caught up with. Sasuke is obsessed with his revenge and his clan. His clan and his revenge are his "shiny car", basically.

    The opening in the vid is the opening to Linkin Park's Reanimation CD. It's meant to be the opening to the AMV series. I get a lot of people saying that the opening doesn't go well with the rest of the AMV. I understand where they're coming from. I thought I made a mistake with putting it there. I thought of putting the umbrella song before it, considering that it was the prelude. In the end, I think it'll fit good when the other AMVs come out. I think it'll fit better then.

    Effects Commentary:
    The only thing I want to pin point is my use of the chroma keyer. Normally people use this effect to just cut things out nicely and put things on top of each other, which is the point of it. This effect is used a lot to wow people with a fancy effect or to create an alternate story line by putting things where they normally aren't. In this vid, it is use to make the video flow better. There are parts where the chroma keyer was used, but it's practically unnoticeable. The reason why it's unnoticeable is because of the things going on around it. I used it so the entire picture wouldn't change color when I wanted to put a picture on top of another. Sometimes, it was used just to give the AMV a certain feel.

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