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  • Member: SamuraiJake
  • Studio: Samurai Jake
  • Title: Die Hard
  • Premiered: 2007-02-10
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    • Die Hard Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: AMV Contest Winner "Youmacon 2007" for Best Action Video

    In the spirit of the big-budget action movies of the 1980's, "Die Hard" is usually on the top of the list of most action movie fans.

    I was inspired to do this when I heard that Die Hard 4 was coming out...but in thinking that someone else might come up with that idea I decided to make an AMV trailer for the great original. Cowboy Bebop was a pretty obvious choice, and even though it's an anime that is used with many AMV's involving badass action, it truely worked well to me with this trailer.

    Unfortunately I had to cut out a few seconds of the trailer audio, but otherwise I think you should enjoy this for what it is.

    - Samurai Jake

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