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  • Members: Ayanefan, muscletom
  • Studio: Anna-Maeve Studios
  • Title: Karas - Love Like Winter
  • Premiered: 2007-07-17
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  • Song:
    • AFI Love Like Winter
  • Anime:
  • Comments: After a long absence from AMV creation, I decided to finally put hand to mouse and create a full AMV.
    This time, it was pretty much a challenge between myself and my co-worker who's probably 2000
    miles away. I told him that if I made an AMV then he'd have to create one too. Well that's yet to be seen.

    I asked him to supply the music and I'd supply the Anime. Well, after 4 months of trying to
    get the perfect anime for the song, I settled on Karas because I thought it was a really neat
    Anime and I didn't care too much if the song didn't go fully well with it.

    I hope you enjoy, I had a heck of a time at the beginning.

    Special thanks goes to:
    Jaddziadax - Beta and getting me to fix that A/R problem.
    Rapture** - Showed me the error of my ways with 1.0 to 0.9 pixel stuff (the term escapes me).
    The forum contributors - Scintilla, N00b and Purge, your input was well received.

    DQY - Who ran off with my beta and I never heard back from her. ;) (seriously I love her)
    muscletom - for just being you and being far away so I can't put my fist into your stomach ;)

    Special things to consider. Any lipsynch is totally accidental.
    All blending fields are a 23.9fps to 29.9 fps conversion in AVS which is an error that I created. (sorry)

    This is an MP4 video, so please if you cannot play it download the VLC Player at:

    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.51
    Windows Movie Maker
    Zarx264GUI (damn hot stuff!)

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