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  • Member: Esrhan
  • Studio: Arctic Tribe
  • Title: Pieni Paha Noita (Bad Little Witch)
  • Premiered: 2007-07-14
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    • Mikko Alatalo Känkkäränkkä
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  • Comments: Quick Description:
    A short, fun story about a bad little witch named Känkkäränkkä. Since the song is in finnish, I included subtitles for the local file.

    General Comments:
    Who is Känkkäränkkä? Känkkäränkkä is a fictional character described in an old finnish children's song composed by Mikko Alatalo. The song's lyrics talk about the character, as a bad little witch who can only be seen by kids.

    This anime music video is my interpretation of what Känkkäränkkä might have been like. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of Risky from Risky Safety, because she sure looks a lot like a witch with that hat and scythe. What she does in the series fits pretty well with the song about Känkkäränkkä, so it all came together quite naturally and easily.

    Technical and editing wise it's a rather simple video. I used direct cuts, a few fades and played around with frame hold in a few scenes. Some unwanted mouth flip flap was edited away with Adobe After Effects, but overall a simple video to edit. Lyric synch is relevant for enjoyment, so I'll include them and the translation.

    Lyrics and Translation
    Olipa kerran pieni paha noita Känkkäränkkä nimeltään
    Once upon a time there was a bad little witch named Känkkäränkkä

    Se huvittelee syömällä rusinoita ja iskemällä kepillään
    It amuses itself by eating raisins and striking with its staff

    Se on niin pieni ettei aikuiset pysty sitä näkemään
    It is so small that adults are unable to see it

    mutta lasten luokse se mielellään tulee kyläilemään
    but it gladly comes to visit children

    jos Känkkäränkkä tulee iltaisin ei lapsi pysty nukkumaan
    children can't sleep if Känkkäränkkä comes in the evening

    koska Nukkumatti pelkää Känkkäränkkää ihan tosissaan
    because the Sandman is really scared of Känkkäränkkä

    kun Känkkäränkkä tulee ruokapöytään se mussuttaa rusinoitaan
    when Känkkäränkkä comes to the table it munches its raisins

    ja ruuan se saa lasten suussa pahalta maistumaan
    and it makes food taste bad in children's mouths

    kyllä kylässä voi käydä Känkkäränkkä kun on känkkäränkkäpäivä
    yes, Känkkäränkkä might visit when it's känkkäränkkäday

    onhan se kiva että lapsilla on oma vänkkäräsäärinen noita
    It is nice that children have their own bandylegged witch

    mutta älä tule liian usein Känkkäränkkä tule vain kerran viikossa
    but don't come too often, Känkkäränkkä. Come only once a week

    kun sä pistät kaiken ihan länkkäkänkkä
    since you turn everything upside down!

    niin äiti syyttää ipanoita, vaikka kaiken takana onkin vain pieni paha noita
    so mother blames the kids, even though behind everything is only a bad little witch

    Additional Info:
    A big thanks to Fall Child42, FoxJones, Minion, Orwell, Sivis and Kitsuner for helping, testing and improving the translated lyrics and subtitles. On my own the translation wouldn't have turned out so good. I do have to point out that since Mikko Alatalo uses a few madeup words that don't really mean anything, I had to improvise a few sentences.

    Local download is an MP4 file with an h.264 video, AAC audio and includes English hardsubs. If you are having trouble playing the video, then I suggest downloading the VLC Media Player or installing the CCCP codec pack.

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