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  • Member: Ingow
  • Studio: Powerstorm Studios
  • Title: (The Reason) Why?
  • Premiered: 2007-07-11
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  • Song:
    • Joan Baez Dona Dona
  • Anime:
  • Comments: General:
    The fact that this video couldn't have been edited more simple
    doesn't mean that there wasn't a lot of though put into it. Well,
    not exactly this video, but, you see this is probably one of my top
    10 most beloved songs ever and as you can see the lyric sync is
    really really hard to pull off. Whenever I saw a new anime, I always
    also searched for a way to sync these first verses and basically the
    entire song. However in the end it was by pure chance that I got
    interested in watching Jin-Roh again and that's when everything
    flowed together right in front of my eyes perfectly. So, not much
    editing, but a lot of heart.

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    This video has been encoded in x264.

    You will either need VLC or to view it. If it still doesn't play for you send me a PM on the forums.


    I'd really like to write some more...but I think the video pretty much speaks for itself.

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