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  • Member: Knappster
  • Studio: MD-studios
  • Title: End of the earth
  • Premiered: 2007-07-08
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Edge of the Earth
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  • Comments: My newest and best by far is done!But anyways I got the EVA dvds about a week ago and I really did love it. So I had to make an amv with it. I found a song that worked very well with it (same song) but on the downside I tried to start the song from the beginning and failed miserably. I just didn't have enough footage nor could I even edit the first three fourths of the song. So pretty much I was just like screw it. Of course I started editing my favorite part of the song when I was bored later that night and I loved it. Then I decided just to use the lat part of the song since it was the only thing I could get right. So I did and I was Happy with the results.

    Of course while making it xvid My quality went very wrong. It looked like dvd quality but there were, hmm I don't know how to explain it but it looked liney? It just didn't look right. I tried about 5 different aspect ratios and finally found one that worked but it was not the correct aspect ratio.So Special thanks to kevmasterflashdeluxe for the better Quality encodes!

    The amv is about Shinji goes out on "the edge of the earth" with adams wife/rei(I think haha) and when the songs says dive in to the center of fate it pretty much just means how the worlds fate is going down. Even if you havn't watched the show its pretty self explanatory.

    Programs used-
    Sony Vegas 6.0c
    Virtualdub mod
    Dvd decprypter

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