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  • Member: shrink_laureate
  • Studio: Dyslexic Studeos
  • Title: My Love
  • Premiered: 2007-06-30
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  • Song:
    • Kajiura yuki You Are My Love
  • Anime:
  • Comments: WINNER: AmeCon 2007 'Serious' category

    This is the second video of mine for the Cosplay Ball AMV Project, an effort to collect and create slow dance videos that can be shown during the Cosplay Ball at an anime convention, initially AmeCon 2007. A few entries have also come in from other people, so it's starting to become a reality.

    I've wanted to make a video for Crest of the Stars ever since I first saw it - I think it's a woefully under-appreciated series that many more people ought to know about. It's also a great source of beautiful footage - as long as you can cut around the huge amount of talking that people do. A lot of the series is tense and exciting, but that tension is conveyed more in words and blips on a map than in flashy action sequences. But still, the artwork is consistently gorgeous.

    That said, the DVDs were a bitch to work with. The de-interlacing and blended frames are insanely inconsistent, and they don't even keep the same field order from one disk to the next. I then had to remove lip-flap, mix 4:3 footage into a wide-screen video, and create a coherent story out of it.

    But even with technical foibles, this video still came together really easily. The music is from one of the Tsubasa Chronicle soundtracks, but it actually sounds quite similar to several of the instrumental pieces in Cots/BotS. The music and footage seemed to connect automatically, without needing a great deal of my intervention. The main challenge was in keeping the pace consistent, when for much of the video there's at least two (and sometimes as many as six) different things happening on screen at once.

    Oh, and finishing it within the deadline. :)

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