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  • Members (5): GaarahungryXReBornX, Pikachew, Sasuke093, jrob156, last2no
  • Title: Happy B-day Ashley-Chan!
  • Premiered: 2007-05-26
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  • Songs:
    • Disciple Scars Remain
    • Killswitch Engage My Curse
    • Linkin Park From the Inside
    • Pendulum Hold Your Colour
    • The All American Rejects It ends Tonight
    • The Fray How To Save A Life
    • The Used Blue and Yellow
    • Toby Mac ignition
  • Anime:
  • Comments: okay, today i was the most stressed out ever, ill tell you!
    okay ,i was putting the Birthday MEP for Ashley-Chan/xShurikenBladex together ,and i didnt get everyones parts so i had to continue without them. And then they suddenly gave me their finished parts, after I had rendered the Final Video already (which took 2 hours) ,so i put their tracks in andrendered it again, then I tried to upload the video, and it was over 100 mb, so It didnt work and I didnt know how to reduce the file size.
    SO i sended it to someone on msn and I was uploading it to sendspace at the same time.
    Then suddenly I had a power outage when the file was 87% on sendspace, so I couldnt get it done. So I remembered my Convertor thing and put the file in and I was able to get the file under 100mb the Quality is sadly pretty bad though, well anyways:

    Happy Bithday Ashley!!!



    Editor: GaarahungryXReBornX
    Anime: Bleach
    Song: Scars Remain
    Artist: Disciple

    Track 1:

    Editor: GaarahungryXReBornX
    Anime: Naruto
    Song: It ends Tonight
    Artist: The All American Rejects

    Track 2:

    Editor: KingDavid
    Anime: Dragonball Z
    Song: Hold your Colour
    Artist: Pendulum

    Track 3:

    Editor: jrob156
    Anime: Bleach
    Song: My Curse
    Artist: Killswitch Engage

    Track 4:

    Editor: theechupacabra900
    Anime: Naruto
    Song: Blue and Yellow
    Artist: The Used

    Track 5:

    Editor: Kranos22
    Anime: KARAS
    Song: Taking Over Me
    Artist: Evanesence

    Track 6:

    Editor: Sasuke093
    Anime: Dragonball Z
    Song: ignition
    Artist: Toby Mac

    Track 7:

    Editor: Last2no
    Anime: Dragonball Z
    Song: From The Inside
    Artist: Linkin Park

    Track 8:

    Editor: KingDavid
    Anime: Naruto
    Song: How To Save A Life
    Artist: The Fray

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