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  • Members: Autraya, sweetdeily
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Who do I want?
  • Premiered: 2007-06-16
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  • Song:
    • Deborah Harry I want that man
  • Anime:
  • Comments: AuroraCoN 2007- Winner Best Comedy/Parody

    Sooo this is my MEP piece for the Yaoi Dream puppets MEP.
    I can guarantee you that this is not like any other S-Cry-ed AMV you have seen.
    The song is short.. because it's for a MEP, some genius’s have been complaining that my mep pieces aren't long enough... *beats head against wall*

    Sweetdeily did all the photoshoping and assisted with scene selection.
    The effects, editing and encoding are me.
    Photoshop (CS2)
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Adobe After Effects
    ZarxGUI and the usual amvapp tools.

    The lipsync... well i gave up really it's close but could be better and all up we spent probably 80(?) hours putting this together that includes everything. I ripped the whole series and converted all of it to huffyuv and from PAL to NTSC and what's annoying is that different episodes weren't quite the AR they should be >.<

    Thanks to.. whoever helped me out that I can remember.

    In closing… LONG LIVE THE 80’s!!

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