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  • Member: thefrozendestiny
  • Studio: Otoko Studios
  • Title: Rush Hour 3: The Alchemic Edition
  • Premiered: 2007-06-12
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    • Rush Hour 3 Trailer
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  • Comments: WINNER: Best in Show Another Anime Con 2007.

    Wow guys, thanks for voting for this at AAC, I never thought by submitting this there that it would win Best in Show. Thanks for all that have supported me and i will work hard to bring you more amvs in the future. School is hard on that but i will persevere. Thanks again everyone!

    Ok This Amv was thought of as soon as i head the trailer for Rush hour 3. I knew i had to make this. So I made it with the intention of debuting it at Connecticon which it hopefully will. *edit* It didn't because the coordinator messed up and didn't let me know he didn't recieve the file after i emailed him asking him if he had gotten it...This amv was premiered at Another Anime Con*end edit*

    It took a lot of time to do this video as it was my first serious attempt at lip synch. I also believe i didn't do too bad a job of it.

    Some masking was needed to keep peoples bodily movement from skipping around when i did the synch but its not even that noticeable.

    This was just a really fun video to make, I hope everyone enjoys this and i appreciate as much feedback as people can give. I honestly want to improve my amvs so that i can keep up with the big name editors. I hope to be able too eventually.

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