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  • Member: Emotive
  • Studio: Shadow Line Studio
  • Title: K1LL t3h F@cK1nG En3mY!!!11!1!
  • Premiered: 2007-06-05
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    • Dope Burn
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  • Comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I was short on episodes (and on internet), and I was sick of waiting for Rrezz to send me the dvds...And I had kept this idea long enough!

    This amv is seizurific - move the children away from the screen!

    (If you're the children, I'm not held responsible to anything tha happens to you!
    It's Rrezz's fault!!!)

    Finished in a day (I promised myself that if I hadn't had it finished by the same night, I would have to stab myself in the back 26 times! But since it's pretty hard to stab yourself in the back 26 times, I had to finish it so that I wouldn't have to do the impossible! And did the impossible! Do I sound hyper? Naaaaah)

    Ok , this may seem random, but it's not! It's about me, and killing my fucking enemies. (appearantly!) So I don't wanna hear complaints on that!

    Either enjoy or throw up, depends!

    But that's a subscriber/Hit magnet and you know it!hehe...I'm coming Rrezz =]

    And now,the thing you've been waiting for...Yes, at last, after my research has been completed,I know what can get you the most subscribers/Hits, and I, Kadaj, present... The one and only Subscriber/Hit Magnet Recipe!!

    Subscriber/Hit magnet recipe:

    Bleach/Dbz/naruto amv + hardcore metal music + very fast scene change + precise/awesome timings + some cheesy effects + [in the title: bleach/dbz/naruto + some word with fuck/suck/bitch + kill/die/destroy]
    Have fun with it!

    Wait a still don't believe me about it not being random do you!
    In your face!! : (I sure am creative though!! xD)


    00:08 - 00:26 - The fight with hollow-Jaydee. In the end,I made him so dizzy he held his head,had a seizure and died! xD

    00:26 - 00:30 - Priscilla comes to me,stepping on dizzy Jaydee in the way and by the way punching and kicking him in the face (lol),and releases my inner soul in order for me to be able to keep fighting! Thank you Priscy!

    00:30 - 00:39 - Kevin is fighting with Milky. Milky is weak,but he still doesn't die in this amv,although appearantly if this battle continues he's gonna lose ;P

    00:39 - 00:40 - Eep! Lordseffy attacked me and suddenly disappeared. I'll get you for that in my next amv,grr! :P

    00:40 - 00:47 - Eep again! I forgot to finish off Jaydee - he fooled me,no one can die from dizzyness and seizure!! Die!!

    00:47 - 00:51 - Argh! A battle with myself! I attacked me at school,and almost beat me up to death! looks like I would Kill myself for more subscribers!

    00:51 - 00:53 - Ha! In the end,looks like I didn't really attack myself,I was just dizzy and thought so,because I'm kinda insane! Ha?...

    00:53 - 00:54 - Somewhere in hell, Jaydee is discovering he's not in heaven,breaking out of his body and suffering :P That's for cussing at me and thinking Kadaj is a girl's name! God punished you,mohaha!

    00:54 - 00:60 - Rrezz is fighting with Mugen in order to prove He's the best! Go Rrezz!

    1:00 - 1:03 - CUT MOON IN 2 LIKE A CAKE!! I come in doing my super move to help Rrezz,but sadly I distract him and Mugen implales his neck with his hand :P Oooops,I'd better get going..

    1:03 - 1:06 - Rrezz won't die just like that! he uses his super moves and continues fighting! The last scene is him with his finger ready to fire a thunderbolt,who knows what will happen next!

    1:06 - 01:11 - Meanwhile,I'm already back at the town, pawning hollows together with Priscilla and Patypunk :P

    01:11 - 01:31 - Priscy helps me release my inner soul,making me stronger,in order to defeat Frost,because he was hyper,went crazy and attacked me! Or just too bored! She's worried,but she knows it's my fight (she's too scared of frost),and lets me handle things,even though she's worried! in the end,i win,and Priscy is coming to me to help me with my injuries! Ah,so kind! ^^

    01:31 - 2:03 - Vegeta119 comes in and attacks Shadow Line studios! Of course I couldn't just sit and watch,I attacked! I was also helped by Autraya, who helped me with her icy powers,and in the end, I bring him down! He put up a big fight,but sorry dude,you're down! xD

    2:03 - 3: 06 - The final fight is decided! I have to battle Rrezz in order to get the most subsribers! The fight is big,endless,fierce and with many turn-arounds,but towards the end,I'm so angry I turn hollow,and he uses his technique-that-surrounds-people-with- swords! In the end, no one actually wins,but we're both heavily injured - Rrezz wins on youtube subscribers and I win in the org's top 10%.

    The end!

    (Any questions about who's who? If you look at the storyline and the referred scenes in the amv,you can easily tell! Any complaints on who the character I made you be was? Keep 'em to yourself! And no rrezz,you can't be Ichigo,since it had to be me since I'm the protagonist,but you're still a cool character! =D)

    Ooh and finally:

    Thanks to!..

    - kevmasterflashdeluxe, for explaining to me how to avisynth and make a smexy mp4!
    - Autraya, for being the one that explained to kevmasterflashdeluxe about all these things in the first place! =D
    - Rrezz, for the inspiration!
    - Myself 'cuz I'm awesum!...



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