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  • Member: ScorpionP
  • Title: Flames of Heaven
  • Premiered: 2007-06-05
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    • The Rasmus In The Shadows
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  • Comments: This is my fourth completed video. I actually started editing almost 3 months ago, and was rather slow at it. I would've probably finished it earlier if I were more consistent...

    Anyway, this video is about Shana, and it describes her Flame Haze side as well as her personality and feelings toward Yuji. Whole storyline diverts a little from the original plot in series, but in the end it all comes down to Shana's emotions. If you want to know more about anime itself, you can read it on the net (I would've probably just post that here, but I know most of the people don't even read vid description, especially if they are longer than 3 sentences). It may actually help you understand the video.

    Though, I feel like pointing a few things out:

    Shana is a Flame Haze, a warrior of some sort who fights demons from different dimensions. She seems a little emotionless until she meets Yuji, the boy who got his "power of existance" eaten by one of those demons. Usually people like him would be replaced by "torches" (empty containers that eventually dissapear), but Yuji manages to survive thanks to "Reiji Maigo" inside him (blue fire thingy). Later on, Yuji helps Shana fight demons and helps her reveal her sensitive side (don't get any weird thoughts).

    I suck when it comes to stuff like this, but I hope it helps.

    The whole concept was kinda new to me. I didn't want even one scene to seem missplaced. Keeping this in mind, it was a little hard to maintain sync; it was probably the hardest and the most time consuming thing while editing.
    Effects were also a new thing to me here. While in my previous vids I've tried to keep it simple, I kinda went a step further in this one. I wanted them not to be too obvious, just something to help the flow, almost like it was a part of the show. I also wanted to avoid unnecessary effects so it may seem that in a scene or two, I could've added something, but I intetionally left it as it is. More like putting the story and concept above everything else.

    Huge thanks goes to my beta-testers for providing me with some really useful tips and pointing out some things I would've normally missed:
    Ileia (also edited song a little)
    Morph Man

    I didn't feel like making a mp4 version cuz I'm still not totally familiar with it, so I just went with Xvid.

    I think that would be all for now,

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