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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Learning how to sync 101
  • Premiered: 2007-04-01
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  • Song:
    • Red Break Me Down
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  • Comments: This actually my segment for the RED end of silence MEP.

    I got the shits big time while making this, mostly because my beta tester (AKA Lockstock) wouldn't get off my case until it met his royal seal of approval, Lockstock has a creepy ability to spot single frame errors XD. Well a long story short it now has been "lockefied" and allowed to be released into the world.

    Anyway I learn some valuable lessons in beat sync and scene selection while making this and I think this video is significant for me as it signals a huge break and change in my editing style.
    This video beat me more into shape as an editor than anything else i have ever done and i would like to thank Lockstock for all his time and unfathomable patience as I got it wrong time and time again even after he synced 5 seconds of the song to FSN to show me how it should be done.
    It was a hard lesson to learn and very frustrating, but it was worth it :)

    *hugs Lockstock* I can't thank you enough mate.

    Lockstock -"You owe me a case of beer at Manifest"

    AVIsynth(Note: the footage is PAL (suckage) converted to NTSC)
    Premiere Pro
    ZarxGUI264 (2000kbps h.264 encode and no xvid in sight, go get cccp to play it)

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