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  • Member: BlaCk_PeArL_27
  • Title: Be My Ichigo Number Two
  • Premiered: 2007-05-03
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    • 6 Cycle Mind Be My Number Two
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  • Comments: I love so much this song but I have no number two actually just I don't know why I am so inlove to this song dearly ^_^;; hehehe also I like Ichigo 100% so I try to edit them both. Looking forward to your OP sometimes if I do a better now than before :P

    Anime: Ichigo 100%
    Editor: Lynna-Chan
    Music: Be My Number Two
    Artist: 6 Cycle Mind (Peykz from my other friend)
    Studio: Not Listed

    As the video goes Junpei Manaka likes the girl that he sees on the first time wearing the strawberries panty. And he made a impulsive decision to a girl name Tsukasa-chan that he is girlfriend for a while. Then Junpei found out who he really love is and this video tells you on the ending who is the real number one and number two for Junpei Makana.



    Following beta tester:

    Pistol - Pete
    Takuya Ryo

    credits from the song material is from Peyzk I thank him for that.


    Be My Number Two

    Won't you be my Number Two
    Me and Number One are through
    There won't be too much to do
    Just smile when I feel blue

    And there's not much left of me
    What you get is what you see
    Is it worth the energy
    I leave it up to you

    And if you got somethin' to say to me
    Don't try to lay off on your ways on me
    I know that it's really not fair of me
    But my heart seen too much action

    Every time I look at you
    You'll be who I want you to
    And I'll do what I can do
    To make a dream or two come true
    If you'd be my Number Two

    AD LIB

    [Repeat CHORUS]
    [Repeat 3rd stanza]

    Thanks for downloading my work and hope you have fun on it~! ^^;;

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