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  • Member: Lemonpez
  • Studio: Majelic Productions
  • Title: Disney 1/2 ~Extended~
  • Premiered: 2007-05-31
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  • Songs:
    • Aladdin One Jump Ahead
    • Disney He's a Tramp
    • Disney Tale as Old as Time
    • Disney - mulan I'll Make a Man out of You
    • Disney- The Little Mermaid Part of your world
    • Hercules I Can Go The Distance
    • Hercules Won't Say I'm in Love
    • Jungle Book Bear Necessities
    • Mary Poppins Spoonfull of Sugar
  • Anime:
  • Comments: So here it is, after a few years I found the old footage I had for this video and decided to finish it. I now do not own the DVDs I had gotten the clips from so my footage was limited. That being said I think I did a pretty good job with what I had. People have been asking me personally for more so here it is, what YOU wanted ^_^

    1) Jungle Book - Bear Necessities - Genma panda, duh

    2) Beauty and the Beast - Gaston - Kuno and Gaston have about the same ego. I'm not sure whose is bigger or who is smarter -_-; Sasuke takes the roll of the one guy who follows Gaston around (I can't remember his name right now). I did clean up a little on the timing in places.

    3) Mary Poppins - Spoonful of Sugar - Akane can NOT cook. This was going to focus on that. Instead it's more of just people eating bad food. I think there are two things Akne did not create in this one. NEW

    4) Lady and the Tramp - He's a Tramp - Ranma takes the roll of a tramp in this one, although in the show it's not always his fault. NEW

    5) Mulan - Make a Man out of You - Well, you could do a lot with this song but if you read the first paragraph you will remember me saying my footage was limited. This is the one people wanted to see longer so I did what I could. I also cleaned up a bit of the lip-sync in the orriginal. LONGER

    6) The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World - Haposai...the end! NEW

    7) Aladin - One Jump - Ranma can never catch a break. He's not always the jerk at falt. NEW

    8) Hercules - Go the Distance - as I quote "oh yea Ryoga can go the distance, the WRONG distance!" untouched from original.

    9) Hercules - I Won't Say It - SAY IT ALREADY gosh, if you've seen the show then you know. Akane x Ranma in this one, untouched from original

    Not included due to not enough footage:
    Beauty and the Beast - Tale as old as time - Akane x P-chan/Ryoga

    Pocahontas - Colors of the wind - when they go 'has a life, has a spirit, has a name' I am reminded of the skater girl who clames everything as hers and re-names them. You would have to be a Ranma fan to get this parody.

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