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  • Member: SuperS4
  • Title: Keep Holding On
  • Premiered: 2007-05-25
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    • Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On
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  • Comments: This video was made purely to compete at Anime North 2007, where it was able to achieve a place in the finalists. I set out in an attempt to make a more simple video compared to my last Anime North entry which was extremely quick, complex, and effect ridden in my opinion. The video was created the last weekend before the deadline for entries, using approximately 30-40hours of work to complete it from start to finish. While the video did not win, it certainly was liked by fellow editors at the convention, as well as some of the judges, so I feel that while it didn't win, it certainly proved to me, that my editing has gotten far better, and was enough to make the 30hours worth while.

    The basis of the video was simple, make a slow, dramatic video that used only more simple effects and less in your face style of effects, trying to keep the focus on the story of the video between Pazu and Sheeta. I attempted to make the video showing that regardless of what happened to the two characters, that believing in each other would allow them to overcome perseverance.

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