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  • Member: DTJB
  • Studio: Downtown Productions
  • Title: Excel Goes Flipmode
  • Premiered: 2007-05-24
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  • Song:
    • Busta Rhymes Gimme Some More
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  • Comments: This video marks a number of a small series of achievements for me. This is my first comedy video, the first video I used DVD as an exclusive source material, my first attempt at lip synching and the very first video I made by myself on my own computer. Pretty cool huh?

    Coming up with the concept of this video was somewhat random. I was getting into Excel Saga and after watching the first few episodes, the slapstick style of the series compelled me to create a music video. I was racking my head trying to think of a song that would fit a crazy show like Excel Saga. Then one day, I remembered the music video for Gimme Some More and how hilarious I thought it was. The rest is history.

    Excel Saga is one of my favorite animes because of its style of comedy; parody and over the top shenanigans always seem to please me. I can never understand how this isnít the perfect show for everybody, of course I donít understand how some people canít handle shows like Monty Python or The Three Stooges. All in a personís taste I guess. However if this sort of thing is what you like, I highly recommend the show, especially episode 26.

    Gimme Some More comes from the Busta Rhymes album Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front. Iím not a major fan of rap or hip-hop, but Iíll always bang my head if the beat is still good. I consider Busta Rhymes one of the best artists in the genre, and I consider Gimme Some More to be an excellent tune, but this is hardly my favorite album. Most of it has to do with the swearing. Iím not against swearing (Iím all for it), it just looses the appeal once the use of it gets into overkill. Otherwise, a lot of the songs on the album are really great.

    Making AMVs are always frustrating for me, but the whole lip synch thing probably gave me the most grief. Using Photoshop along with it (even though it really helped when I used it) was the biggest burden, ugh. As always, I make it my best effort to match the video with the lyrics that are sung. Since the lyrics are sung so freaking fast, itís hard for anyone who doesnít know the lyrics to tell if I even attempted this and just went random. Trust me, I did my best. Also, thereís a goofy skit that plays before the song on the album. I decided not to include this in the video because of my lack of video sources and my lack of interest. Who knows, maybe Iíll come back to this project someday and stick it at the beginning.

    Hope you enjoy my first TRUE submission to the org.

    NOTICE: Any babies offended by references to drug use, the N word, the S word and the F word should not download this video.

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