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  • Member: Emotive
  • Studio: Shadow Line Studio
  • Title: Memories In The Dark
  • Premiered: 2007-05-17
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:'s ur goodbye "present", i hoped u would see it one day!
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    Saya says:
    Saya says:
    its awesome like always
    Saya says:
    but it made my eyes water
    Saya says:
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    it's inspired from a true story
    Saya says:
    i wonder what story that is
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    yes,its a very touching story
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    But in the end,the girl is dead for the boy
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    not happy ending
    Saya says:
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    and he was never close to her
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    he was always just thinking of the way he would want her to be when he finally met her..
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    but looks like he never did
    KaDaJ n0-L1f3 k1nG 665 never says:
    touching huh?
    Saya says:
    Saya says:
    what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger

    Anime : Black Cat , episodes 1-7
    Song : Linkin Park - Numb
    Program used : Adobe After Effects 7

    Especially Devoted to Nadia, aka Sayuri (or Saya).

    There was a boy and a girl. They fell in what they thought to be true love,but in the end they got separated with each other..This happened a long time ago. But they left each other with a promise..A promise that they would get together again one day,that the girl would come find the boy,that they would live together for ever,and that each one would always think of the other,that they would never forget about each other. And so they both continued their lives. The lonely boy,being a bounty hunter, always thought of the girl.. His mind would keep following her,and sometimes,he would even daydream that he was with her. It always seemed so real for a second..But when he opened his eyes again,she was gone. The sad thing is that the boy had not spent much time with the girl,so he always thought of the way he wanted her to be..The way he would want her to be when he finally met her. But he was wrong...And so time passed by....But the girl never showed up. And the lonely boy soon realised that he would have to live with it..To live without her. He keeps thinking of her ever less,and in the end,he becomes numb. Fighting the one who was once his best friend,he dreams of her one last time..Or was it all a dream?..

    In this amv,we see things from the perspective of the boy. He is already starting to realise that he has to forget about the girl and keep carrying on his missions as a bounty hunter..This is the main reason why the girl does Not play a main role in this amv.She is barely a memory,and faded pictures of her come to his mind,that sometimes even seem true,as they once did..

    1. a VERY special thanks goes to Priscy,aka narutosgirl3,for helping me find the Black Cat episodes. Thank you!!
    2. an also VERY special thanks goes to Kevmasterflashdeluxe, for he'll be pissed at me for making a Black Cat amv with his name in it and also because he's uber awesum and helped me figure out the avisynth thingers!
    3. an ordinary thanks goes to Rrezz,just 'cuz he's awesome =) This thanks is followed by a couple gunshots and a bankai swordslash, a cut-moon-like-a-cake or whatever.
    4. many many thanks go to Michele aka Mike of the Desert,for being my greatest inspiration since the very beginning (not of this amv,my amv making career in general).. you're so awesome,even though I hadn't talked to you since,like,a month ago ;)
    5. a really uber special hug goes to morganna,aka draculina13, for being a kitty and my sis! Mew! I'm sorry you got suspended hun =( But from now on,your amvs are going to be better, so it doesn't matter you lost all your amvs of the past! You should start using the org too,because as you see,youtube is definetely not the place for amvers to be..
    6. many thanks also go to lordseffy,for he has inspired me greatly in many ways,and for he is cool. =]
    7. also, it would be a crime to forget to thank dear frost, aka frostreturns,for being my eternal sex slave =D
    8. And finally..thanks to Saya herself..For without her,as you must have understood by now,this amv wouldn't be here now.

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