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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Scythian Vengeance
  • Premiered: 2007-02-24
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  • Song:
    • Three Days Grace Riot
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, not much on this one. I sent it out to Animaritime in mid-February, but it really was a rush job to finish it, and I don't feel that I really took advantage of the footage I had at my disposal. Certainly my least favourite of my most recent videos, but I'm including it here for completion's sake.

    About the title, Scythian is actually from King Lear (Shakespeare) and it means barbaric, which is really what the rage and vengeance of Afro seemed to be like to me in this series.

    I didn't bother with an mp4 this time around, I pretty much just wanted to leave this thing be and move on, but hey, maybe there's still some merit or enjoyment in it...



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