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  • Member: purplepolecat
  • Title: Death Note With Attitude
  • Premiered: 2007-05-13
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  • Song:
    • NWA Fuck Tha Police
  • Anime:

    Light Yagami as Ice Cube
    Higuchi as M.C. Ren
    Misa Amane as Eazy-E
    "L" as Dr Dre

    This video documents the struggle of Death Note users Light, Higuchi and Misa against a violent and prejudiced police force.

    The song is framed as a courtroom drama, and is broken into three verses. In each verse one of the Death Note users provides first-hand accounts of police brutality, and warns of violent reprisals should any of the situations recurr. "L" acts as the judge, and shows great efficiency by passing judgement directly after the testimony.

    Footage was taken from fansubs, with all subs cropped off of course. So the quality is not great, but until the DVDs come out this will have to do. At time of editing, episodes 1-25 were available as fansubs. There are no major spoilers.

    5/18/07 : Uploaded new version with correct aspect ratio and smaller file size

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