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  • Member: Project Air
  • Studio: Project Air
  • Title: The Faint Essence Of Life
  • Premiered: 2007-04-20
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    • Within Temptation Pale
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  • Comments: I made this video for Air, because, if anyone out there has seen it, it is possibly the SADDEST anime out there, and I figured it would work well for a drama. This video was first shown at Anime Boston 2007 as a Finalist.

    I thank my friends, Eric, for being there for me and introducing me more and more into anime from the get go, I thank Melissa for giving me ideas to the video and for showing me at the con that there was true emotion behind it, My Online friend Physin, who first got me into Air (Who i thank greatly for that), Visual Art's Key for making such n AMAZING anime, the fans of the series, because you all are strong enough to love, understand, and support Air, Within Temptation for the song used and lastly, the con goers at Anime Boston.

    I used Sony Vegas to make this, and that is sort of why some things in quality might not meet expectations. I also used Virtualdubmod for decoding the Divx for scenes used.

    A few things about my video:

    -Notice I have the TV part with that Japanese rock band. I don't know how many caught it, but it was for signifigance with the following scene thereafter.

    -The video did not have anything for added effects because i felt it would distract from what is happening.

    -I have watermark the corner because of recent reports of AMV claimings on youtube.

    If you have any questions for me, I will be glad to respond to you on AIM or MSN, or just PM me in the forums. Thank you.

    I will close with this. As a fan to the anime by Key, do not expect that this is the last Air AMV.

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