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  • Member: Garylisk
  • Studio: Dragonlord Anime, Ltd
  • Title: DDR 4th Mix Project Track 31, Baby Baby Gimme Your Love
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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  • Song:
    • DIVAS Baby Baby Gimme Your Love
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, here's an entry for my contribution for the third DDR Project. Although I can't make the video available for download until after the project has premiered, I figured I would enter the info into the database now just for fun. (THat and I am very proud to have finished this video so early and done so well with it!)
    Technical Information:
    Programs used: Premiere 6, VirtualDub, Photoshop 7, HyperSnapDX 4
    Anime: Tenchi Muyo! GXP
    Music: "Baby Baby Gimme Your Love" by Divas

    As far as what to say about the video, I'll start with basic concept. First off, if anyone has seen any sort of Tenchi series, the connection between that and the song should be appearent. In GXP, the main character Seina is pursued (emotionally) by four women, and later in the series another four women are added to the raster. (Grand total: 8! Eat your heart out, Tenchi!)
    In this video, I tried to give a comical (What other way is there?) view of how they go about trying to get him to love them. Sometimes they definitely have the wrong way of going about things... but then again, without that element, it wouldn't be Tenchi, would it? However, mixed in here are also some more tender scenes.
    As far as Technical aspect goes, the video has the most special effects I've ever used in a video, but that's not saying much considering I've only done fades and such. Still, a couple things in the video are noteworthy. In one scene, a character lifts up a brown board. I have put the word "LOVE" onto the board to make it fit with the video more. Also, as a transition between scenes, I have used a transition that was used in the end credits of later episodes. Cabbits appear on the screen one by one and then fall off the screen revealing a new scene. I took that cabbit crowd and green-screened each frame to that it can be put over any video clip as a transition to the next scene. I thought it was rather brilliant of me. ^_^
    The song, truly, is not as "dancy" as some of the other songs from DDR, but it IS a good song, and I like the songs that Divas did for DDR. (Another fave of mine is "Secret Rendezvous"). So while this video didn't present much opportunity to use any sort of high motion dancing or such, it did give me a good opportunity to protray the romantic-comedy aspect of GXP in a fun sort of silly way. :)
    I think you'll all probably like this video, at least a little. Well, once the project premieres anyway.
    Until then... Sayonara!
    PS - Until I can actually get on a real web browser other than this text based internet I am stuck with at home, I'll probably have to leave this entry incomplete. (Til tomorrow more than likely, when I can go to the library.)

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