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  • Members: milkmandan, Manganate
  • Title: The Path of Regret
  • Premiered: 2007-05-05
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    • Linkin Park What I've Done
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    • Fanime Con 2007, Fanime Con 2007 (2007-05-27)
    • Anime Expo 2007, Anime Expo 2007 AMV Contest (2007-06-29)
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    Fanime-con 2007 AMV Contest - Best in Show Judges Award
    Anime Expo 2007 AMV Contest - Drama Finalist

    So this is my second AMV...ever. Probably my 2nd time ever opening up Adobe Premiere Pro as well.
    I've delayed this AMV enough, as my computer crapped out on me. My SATA Hitachi HDD failed and I lost a lot of my RAW footage.

    Anyways, (at the time of writing) Linkin Park's newest CD - [Minutes to Midnight] should be officially in music stores soon, so I decided to make an AMV that fit with the song. What better series to match their hit song, "What I've Done"? Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion). Not only is this an awesome series, with character designs by CLAMP and story by Sunrise, but it totally fits the song by Linkin Park. Anyone who has seen Code Geass up to episode 23 will agree with me.

    Thanks [gg] for providing such high quality MKV fansubs. I didn't have the entire series in a rip-able raw format, so I had to go with [gg]'s high quality fansubs. [gg] kindly encoded all their high quality releases in MKV format. I used the MKVextract tool and separated the video from the audio, subtitle and font streams. I was left with a high quality .h264 file of every single episode of [gg]'s release of Code Geass!

    I then used the handy tool avc2avi and recoded the .h264 files to avi, a file format use-able in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
    After recoding all 23 episodes I imported into APP and started to edit away.
    Total editing time took me 3 days to finish. Of course in between those 3 days, I ate, I slept, I played DotA, I went to school and work.

    I exported the final movie as a pure uncompressed RAW video with 720x480 resolution @ 24fps progressive. The file was massive, 9.8GBs for 3.5 minutes of music and video. With this uncompressed file, I then recoded for AMV submission guidlines and web distribution.

    I hope you enjoy this AMV as much as I did making it, and let us hope there is some sanity in the upcoming 2nd season of Code Geass. ;) *If season 1 of Code Geass, has not blown your mind already, go watch it, so you can understand the true meaning of when "$#!t hits the fan".*

    Synopsis of my AMV
    Obviously Linkin Park's song is geared towards the faults and things we've done to screw up other people's lives. I took the same concept and geared the AMV towards Lelouch's faults and actions. In the middle I added Suzaku's fault as well. The AMV ends well with Euphemia going crazy ;) Couldn't leave out that scene. :D

    Below is some information about the song and the anime.

    Official Youtube link to actual music video of [Linkin Park - What I've Done]

    Linkin Park What I've Done Lyrics
    In this farewell,
    Thereís no blood,
    Thereís no alibi.
    ĎCause Iíve drawn regret,
    From the truth,
    Of a thousand lies.

    So let mercy come,
    And wash awayÖ

    What Iíve Done.
    Iíll face myself,
    To cross out what Iíve become.
    Erase myself,
    And let go of what Iíve done.

    Put to rest,
    What you thought of me.
    While I clean this slate,
    With the hands,
    Of uncertainty.

    So let mercy come,
    And wash awayÖ

    What Iíve Done.
    Iíll face myself,
    To cross out what Iíve become.
    Erase myself,
    And let go of what Iíve done.

    For What Iíve Done

    I'll start again,
    And whatever pain may come.
    Today this ends,
    Iím forgiving what Iíve done.

    Iíll face myself,
    To cross out what Iíve become.
    Erase myself,
    And let go of what Iíve done.
    What Iíve done.

    Forgiving What Iíve Done.


    Short Synopsis of Code Geass
    Japan has been invaded and conquered by the Britannian Empire. Japan is now known as `Area 11` and its citizens known as `Elevens`. The Britannian Empire takes away Japan`s autonomous power and imposes its rule through the use of `Nightmares/Knightmares`. The Empire`s rule has never faltered, but cracks have begun to show...

    The Britannian youth, Lelouch, received a special power from a mysterious girl. GEASS. An absolute power which allows the user to give orders to anyone. Lelouch decided to plan the destruction of the Britannian Empire by using this as a weapon. his goals are take revenge for his mother, and create a world in which his little sister, Nunnally, could live in peace. All while knowing that what lies ahead is his father, the Emperor of Britannia.

    Character design by CLAMP.
    Quoted from ANN, Copied from AniDB.

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