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  • Member: Greggus1
  • Studio: Rokujinshou Productions
  • Title: Rainy Season
  • Premiered: 2007-05-05
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    • Vienna Teng Drought
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  • Comments: Hello there! If you're considering downloading this video, let me warn you it's a bit special. You may end up loving it, or dismissing it as too different, or just too poorly made. This is not a video that will blow your mind, most probably. But rather than tell you what it isn't, I'll tell you what it is. The video is a sum of the various influences I've encountered on the org in the past few months, when I decided to research some older AMV classics. These were namely old-school and story-driven videos, and their focus and power really impressed me. So I tried my hand at the style myself, blending it with the effects needed to execute my concept, which I guarantee you will at least understand the outline of after the first viewing.

    I'm hoping that by adding alot of symbolism, and putting a lot of thought in to the scene selection, some will be able to enjoy the video a few more times. Hopefully, more aspects of it will become clear with each viewing. In any case, you will not get an explanation of everything in this description, but I will give you some stuff below, so you'll be curious enough to figure out the rest.

    Story (To Read After Watching)

    As revealed at the end of the video, the entire video was a dream. I tried my best to emulate characteristics of dreams in general. I actually polled my friends for a broad view of the subject, namely what makes dreams, well, dreams. Here were some answers :

    -Random displacement.

    -Reduced field of vision.

    -Objects laying near your sleeping self in real life appearing in your dream.

    -Symbolism representing your feelings, fears and needs.

    -Illogical progression of story, with missing links and random events.

    There are more, but I'll let you think about 'em. Suffice it to say I tried to paint a picture of this girl's mind.


    Extra-large size thanks goes to CracktheSky, for technical and motivational help. I probably wouldn't have released this had he not shown so much interest in it.

    Super-large thanks goes to Niwa-kun for poster and beta-ing.

    And large thanks go to the other beta-testers, Kaxi and viper1255. Christ, I hope I didn't forget anybody.

    I'll be moving on to more technically advanced stuff now, so I'm happy I could get this out of my system.


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