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  • Member: Frostreturns
  • Studio: Frost Studios
  • Title: Our Reason
  • Premiered: 2007-05-02
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    • Hoobastank The Reason
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    This Video is mainly about the Characters regretting Things They have done in the past and that they've found a person which is their Reason to change themselves.

    I worked one weekend on it and I think my Editing Style changed pretty much compared to what I have done in the past :P If you know my Old Videos you will know what I am talking about ^^;

    Hmmmm, the amount of hours I put into would be esimated around...hmm...10-14 hours? If not more....

    And on that Place I have to give lots of Thanks to kevmasterflashdeluxe for All This Encoding, avisynth, scripting and h264 Crap he did for me to make the vid look so schmexy =D

    So, now watch and Enjoy my New AMV! ^_^

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