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  • Member: DragonAzul
  • Studio: Mythic Flight Productions
  • Title: Hurt - Resident Evil and Haunting Ground
  • Premiered: 2007-01-19
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  • Song:
    • Christina Aguilera Hurt
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  • Comments: Footage- Haunting Ground and Resident Evil 4
    Song- Hurt
    By- Christina Aguilera
    Captured by- Dragonazul


    At the end of the other FionaXLeon Video(All Hail the Heart Breaker...available on youtube), Leon stayed behind in the castle so that Fiona could escape. Since she didn't trust him, he obviously couldn't leave with her. This, in turned, caused his supposed death. No one has seen him since the incident. As time passes, Fiona begins to put together the pieces and realizes that Leon was only trying to help her, and she wishes that thinks could go back to the way they were before he went crazy, when they both seemed to have feelings for each other.

    The door that Fiona keeps trying to open is suppose to represent the future, the life after she's let go of blaming herself for Leon's death. Just as she's about to move on the first time, she runs into Ada, who was Leon's girlfriend before the whole incident, and obviously Ada blames Fiona for Leon's death. Fiona realizes that the item she has that Leon gave her once belonged to Ada, so she gives it back to Ada, allowing both of them to finally move on.

    There was suppose to be another scene at the end of Leon turning evil, and maybe the next video will be him coming after Ada and Fiona. You might remember some of the black and white scenes from "Heart breaker". I used some of the actual scenes from that video in this one, since this video is suppose to be a sequel. So, the black and white scenes are all flash backs to times of Fiona and Leon together before. This video was a pain in the ass to make! Took forever...and Premiere did not want to save it for the life of me! Rather annoying actually. SO, it locked up, it made a new file, and then it saved easily...just my luck. OK, I'm babbling, but here it is, my new Fiona and Leon tribute...with Ada.

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